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New To Us?

Here at Ocean and Crow, we strive to create a space where you can be yourself, get to know your body better, and gain tools to help you get through the ups and downs of everyday life. This is yoga for real people!

We love to offer special complimentary yoga classes on us so you can get a taste of what we offer. See the schedule of options here:

Through September 30th, 2016, we have a drop in schedule. Use your current pass, pay a drop-in at the studio, or get a Five Pack of Classes here:

On October 1st, we are moving to a structure of dedicated courses.

Once you’ve selected the classes you want to take, sign up for six or 12 weeks by following the link to the class you want to take. This reserves a spot for you in that class during that season. Sign up early--prices go up with late registration. Most classes offer one spot for financial assistance-email if you need that.

If you want to sign up for two or more of our classes, consider getting the Unlimited Add-On for an extra $40+tax, which entitles you to a spot not only in your two favourite classes, but also in any other class we are running on the schedule (space permitting). If you’d like to do this, go ahead and purchase your two classes, then call or email Julie to get your Unlimited Add On: 778-706-8805 or

If you just want to come to a single class, you can drop-in anytime for $20+tax.

You're invited to a yoga class on us to come try out the studio! See the schedule of complimentary classes here:

All of our classes will help you relieve stress, sleep better, and feel more comfortable in your physical body, but we tend to approach those goals in three different ways. Let us help you choose a class:

What are you looking for?

Do you want to learn more about how your body works by gently stretching and strengthening? Want to improve flexibility, ease pain, and relieve stress? Are you healing from an injury or have specific concerns in making sure you are safe in your body? Are you new to this whole yoga thing? Do you want to move slowly and receive a bit of a challenge without necessarily breaking a sweat?

If that describes you, click here to see our BODY classes:

Do you want to move, sweat, breathe, and play? Do you like your yoga to flow from one pose to the next, almost like a dance? Are you interested in learning a bit of yoga philosophy or taking on a theme that you can consider and then move it through your body? Are you generally pretty physically well, even if you are a beginner, and would be ok to do things like put weight on your hands? Do you like the idea of relieving stress by being completely absorbed in movement and getting a little endorphin high?

If that describes you, click here to see our SPIRIT classes:

Are you dealing with a particularly high degree of stress, pain, or injury in your body right now? Do you feel overwhelmed or have trouble sleeping? Do you want to teach your nervous system to calm down so you can rebalance your internal systems? Do you have the sense that you would like to get off the carousel of life for a moment and just pause so you can hear your own thoughts? Would you like to learn more about meditation, mindfulness, and being in stillness?

If that describes you, click here to see our MIND classes:


this external link.