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More Info About Our Changing Model: Unlimited Add-On and Enrolling in Class

As you may have heard, we are changing the way we do yoga in October. We are moving from a drop-in schedule with passes to courses you can sign up for in advance for 6 or 12 weeks at a time. We've been sending emails out on the newsletter with information about the change (Not on our list yet? Sign up here:, but here's a little more information on the Unlimited Add-On and how to get a spot in a class if you haven't signed up.

The Unlimited Add-On is basically an unlimited pass that you can use as often as you want in any class that you want. To get it, we require that you sign up for two courses. This ensures your spot in those two courses at the very least. The Add-On is an extra $40, and lasts as long as the courses you've signed up for, i.e. for six or 12 weeks. Call us if you want to get this pass (778-706-8805).

If you purchase a course, you'll be enrolled in that class, ensuring your spot. If you have an Add-On or want to do a drop in, however, your spot won't be guaranteed until you enroll. We're only selling 10 or 12 passes in each class to make sure we always have spaces available, but they could theoretically fill up. Just click on the class on the schedule that you want to go to and enroll using your pass or purchase a drop-in right there. You can even do this ten minutes before class. Then your spot is guaranteed!

If you don't want to deal with the computer, that's okay! You don't have to enroll in class beforehand, but enrolling will ensure you get a spot in the class you want to go to.

Julie is offering a Yoga On Us complimentary Flow class on Saturday, September 10th at 2:00pm. She would love to talk to you then if you have any specific questions about the new model. Please enroll at least 24 hours in advance--you can practice your enrolling here!


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