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Deepening Our Commitment this Fall

Here at Ocean and Crow, we are always looking for more ways to grow with you, our community. Our intention has always been to create a space where we can be ourselves, learn to love our bodies, and cultivate compassion for whoever we happen to be that day. Through movement, meditation, and learning practices, we work to gain practical skills to navigate the ups and downs of our own lives

For this reason, we are moving into a new phase of practice this Fall. Rather than having a drop in schedule, we will be shifting our attention to more intimate, more dedicated courses in six-week sessions. Each class will have a dedicated purpose and a committed teacher so that we can work with you to keep developing the relationships that we think make our studio and this community so special!

We are so excited about some of the offerings that we will have coming up starting October 1st. Our passes will be changing then, but don’t worry-you’ll still be able to use your passes if they haven’t expired yet, and in the meantime you can get a special 5 pack for September while we still have our drop-in schedule going. Click here to get it:

Keep your eyes out for more information as it comes!