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[BODY]: Connect, Align, Find Ease: Gentle practices for learning how to work with your body to relieve pain, recover from an injury or misalignment, and find strength and softness in all the right places.

Not what you are looking for? See our [SPIRIT] or [MIND] offerings instead!

JANUARY SCHEDULE: [BODY] CLASSES: January 3rd to February 14th


6:00-7:15pm Yoga for A Happy Body and a Calm Mind with Alex (Vanderster) Hughes


12:00-1:00pm Baby and Me Yoga with Alex Vanderster


7:45-9:00pm Strengthen and Release Pilates and Ball Rolling with Alex (Vanderster) Hughes


12:00-1:00pm Stretch and Strengthen: Noon Hour Iyengar with Meghan Goodman


8:45-10:00am Full Bodied Yoga: Beginners with Helen Camisa

10:30-11:45am Full Bodied Yoga with Helen Camisa


6:00-7:15pm Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga with Meghan Goodman