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Happy, Healthy Hips and Knees: a Yoga Workshop with Meghan Goodman
Sunday November 5 2017, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Our Price :$40.00
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Join Iyengar yoga instructor Meghan Goodman for an informative 2 hour workshop in which we learn to both strengthen and open the hips. Through a series of standing poses we will warm up the hip muscles and learn to identify which ones assist us in balances and help us find stability in our pelvis. Next we will explore the seated work of both internal and external rotation. Learn how to find more ease in your hips without straining the knees or ankles, bringing circulation to this large group of muscles, and creating a positive response throughout the whole body. This workshop is appropriate for students of all levels, including those working with injuries and pregnant students who maintain a regular practice.

Sunday, November 5th, 7:00-9:00pm
$40+tax before October 28th. Late registration (after October 28th) $45+tax

Meghan Goodman is an Iyengar yoga instructor, professional dance artist and mother. She began practicing yoga in 1998 and teaching in 2006, after completing a 200-hour teacher training program through Flow Yoga. Seeking more information on how to work with a wider range of students, Meghan began her studies of Iyengar yoga in 2008. With the guidance of Louie Ettling, Meghan completed the Intro 2 teaching certification in 2013. She is currently working towards the Intermediate Junior 1 certification. For Meghan, Iyengar yoga has become the steady path to finding stability and space in the body, the antidote to a physically demanding and busy lifestyle, and a method for moving deeper in the practice with intelligence and care. Her classes aim to share the many benefits of yoga through clear instructions, curiosity and humility. Meghan loves applying her yoga practice to aerial dance, and can be seen flying around trees, buildings, and occasionally mountains with the Aeriosa Dance Society. For more information please visit:

**Refunds may be issued with a $10 processing fee before October 28th. No refunds will be issued after October 28th.