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Teaching as Storytelling: Sequencing, Theming, and Finding Your Voice with Julie Peters
Saturday April 22 2017, 12:00 to 5:00 pm
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Join yoga teacher, studio owner, writer, and teacher mentor Julie Peters for a course over two Saturdays to help you refine your sequencing skills, find your confidence, and feel good about what you teach. It's recommended that you attend both days, but each day may be attended separately.

One day only: $150+tax before April 15th. $175+tax after
Full course: $275+tax before April 15th. $300+tax after

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Saturday, April 22nd 12:00-5:00pm

Teaching as Storytelling: Secrets of Sequencing (Part 1 of 2)

Sequencing is the secret magic of a yoga class: it’s what makes your students walk out of class feeling good about themselves in body and mind. It’s also the underlying structure of an asana class, a little like the grammar that upholds the meaning of a sentence or any good story.

In this one-day workshop, learn to understand this underlying structure so you can create safe, creative classes on the fly. Learn how the postures work in relationship to one another so you teach in a way that’s safe and delightful for a range of levels and body types. You’ll walk out with a deep understanding of how a yoga sequence works, gain a better understanding of asana and how to teach it, cut your preparation time in half, and feel more confident in your own skills as a teacher.

This methodology is based on Vinyasa classes, but can be used in any style of yoga practice. We will discuss, take notes, and craft classes. We will also move through a full practice led by Julie. For teachers at any experience level who would like to learn new skills for crafting classes. Taking Part 2 of this course is recommended but not required. Valid for 5 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

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Saturday, April 29th 12:00-5:00pm

Teaching as Storytelling: Theming, Languaging, and Finding Your Voice (Part 2 of 2)

Knowing who you are as a yoga teacher is fundamental to knowing what you want to teach, how you want to teach it, and how to build your career around it. do you know who you are?

In this workshop, learn simple techniques for figuring out exactly what it is you have to offer as a yoga teacher. From there, we can learn how to choose themes for our classes, build sequences around those themes, and craft intelligent articulate classes without talking so much we forget to teach the postures.

You’ll leave with a better sense of what you have to say and practical ways to say it. Boost your confidence, find your voice, and teach classes that are authentic to who you are as a teacher and as a person.
We will discuss, take notes, practice simple languaging exercises, and move through a yoga class led by Julie. This class is for yoga teachers of any level of experience who would like to learn more about these topics. Taking Part 1 of this course is recommended but not required. Valid for 5 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

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